This is the most honest player of cricket history, he goes pavilion even when umpires call not out – check out

This is the most honest player of cricket history, he goes pavilion even when umpires call not out – check out

In the world of cricket, there is always a continuation of the record of deteriorating the record. But some of these records become such that breaking all is not easy even in the whole career. In this news we are going to tell you about one such article. Giving wrong decisions by the umpire in cricket history, opposing the batsman on the umpire’s expulsion, you will have seen many such incidents many times. Apart from this, you may have noticed at times also that the batsman goes out to the Pavilion before giving out the umpire’s exit or after giving a knockout.

Sachin feels himself out 

Many of the players around Many times, they have done so many times, including Sachin and Dhoni, from India. But there is a player who has not done this act once or twice but 12 times. You must be wondering who is such a player. This is a former Australia player.

Australia is always known for its dishonesty and during the game many players. Including his captain, are often seen dishonest on the ground. But among all these, the explosive opener of Australia and the world’s most successful wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist was one such batsman who, once out, would have been going towards the pavilion on his own.

Gilchrist declared himself out 12 times in the Cricket history

It happened at times during his career that the umpire did not know whether his bat had been sneaked or not, and at times it happened when the umpires did not knock them out, but Gilchrist himself went to the pavilion. Were. Because they knew that they were out. Later when the replays were seen then everyone knew that the umpire had given the wrong decision and Gilchrist was out.

Cricket history most honest player Adam Gilchrist


The incident happened 12 times in this dangerous wicket-keeper batsman Adam Gilchrist’s career. That means 12 times in his career he went out to the pavilion. These are a very unique and great record in itself. These records show how honest Adam Gilchrist was.

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