Dhoni gets emotional in front of his team and fans of his team Chennai super Kings – Messengersports

Dhoni gets emotional in front of his team and fans of his team Chennai super Kings – Messengersports

The IPL-11 is going to be launched soon and in such a way, Chennai Super Kings, with captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s captain this year, is going to make a big bang once again after two years. In such a situation, when Dhoni, while talking to the media about his team, became emotional during this period.

Yes, there is Dhoni who is famous in the cricket world under Captain Cool. Significantly, there are few occasions when Dhoni is emotional. It happened and after two years, Dhoni shared many things about doing so, and this video is getting viral on social media.

Chennai Super Kings comeback two years later

One of the IPL’s most spectacular teams, Chennai Super Kings, whose captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a big player. In 2015, Chennai Super Kings team was banned from the IPL in the matter of spot-fixing. In such a case, once Chennai team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s captaincy is going to do his bit.

Interestingly, IPL is the first match of Chennai and it will be in front of the opposing team Mumbai Indians.

Dhoni, who was emotional talking about Chennai’s Comeback Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the players from the Indian team whose simplicity and good performance are seen in the field. At the same time, the most important thing that separates them from all the captains and players is their cool guess. Yes, Dhoni is always cool, whether the match is under any circumstances. They are never nervous or emotional.

But recently Dhoni became emotional at an event in Chennai Super Kings. Yes, a video has been posted from the Chennai Super Kings official tweeter account, whereas, Jaypee Mahendra Singh Dhoni is feeling emotional while talking to the team. His eyes are quite visible and it is clear from the point of talking that he has become emotional.

Mahender Singh Dhoni

Something bigger than Dhoni

Talking about the shortcomings of his team, Dhoni said that he is now forgetting the old time and paying attention to the future. Calling back in time, there is a special and important task to do better in the coming matches. At the same time Dhoni said cheering up to Chennai, “We’re back, we are back”. After this, looking at the moisture in Dhoni’s eyes. Fellow player Suresh Raina gave him a bottle of water and encouraged him.

Let me tell you, the Chennai franchise had retweeted Dhoni. Along with that, two more players were included in this, which are Suresh Raina and Ravindra Jadeja.

Dhoni’s IPL career has been fantastic

If you talk about Dhoni’s IPL career, he has played 159 matches so far in which both teams of Pune are involved in Chennai. In the captaincy of Dhoni, Chennai has twice won the title of IPL. Once again in the IPL-11. Dhoni is in the process of winning the team while preparing to win the team. Dhoni has a total of 3561 runs in these matches, in which his best is 70 not out.

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