Why India not well in last 10 overs of the match, middle order collapsed and all responsibility comes to Dhoni –

Why India not well in last 10 overs of the match, middle order collapsed and all responsibility comes to Dhoni –

The Indian team has been performing well in ODIs since the last two years, due to which the Indian team won a total of six ODI series in 2017 and did not lose a single ODI series. The Indian team is also ranked No. 1 in ODI ranking.

There is also a fantastic spin bowler with a brilliant fast bowler as well as the Indian team. And there are three great batsmen like Rohit, Shikhar and Kohli in the top-3 of India. But if the Indian team has some of the biggest problems in the last two years, then he The middle class has been.

India’s mediocrity has not done anything special for the past two years. The Indian team’s middle order also does not increase the pace of runs in the last 10 overs. And it is also being seen repeatedly in the one-day series of India-South Africa being played.

Even in the fifth one-day match between India and South Africa on Tuesday, the top three batsmen got a good start to the Indian team, but the Indian middle-order batsmen once again proved unsuccessful and in the last 10 overs the speed of the run Increased and did not bat and did not bat. Today, due to this, we will tell you five reasons for this in this particular article. Which led to India’s middle-order batsmen being proved to fail to make runs in the 10th over.

Lack of experience in the middle of India


There is a lack of experience in the middle of India. India has a batsman like Shreyas Aiyar, Manish Pandey, Kedar Jadhav in the middle and these batsmen do not have much experience in international one-day cricket and due to lack of experience the batsman himself failed. The Indian team is also not going to score a big score in the last 10 overs due to these batsmen.

Repeat the players of the middle order


Indian team captain Virat Kohli and India’s team management continue to make changes to the middle-order batsmen of India. The position of middle-order batsmen is not certain. Sometimes Iyer gets the chance, and sometimes Manish Pandey gets Kedar Jadhav’s chance. And sometimes Dinesh Karthik is not making any team management with any batsman for a long time. The impact of India’s 10th over is also in batting.

Not having a batting order

India’s top-3 is fixed in every match and by mistake, the team management does not make any upside-down. But there is no fix of any batsman in India from number-4. The batsman comes to bat, so the players are not able to mentally prepare to bat on the middle order and the impact is falling in the batting of some of India’s last few overs.

More reliance on Dhoni

The Indian team’s middle-order is more dependent on Dhoni but if Dhoni plays to the end, then the team can do well. But if not played well then the middle order of India is completely scattered.

Not having a good finisher in the team


For the Indian team, in the last few years, the best finisher has been played by Mahendra Singh Dhoni. But now he is not even talking about the first match finisher. That’s why the Indian team is now getting a good finish. Because Manish, Kedar, Dinesh and Iyer have not been able to prove themselves in the role of a good finisher so far.

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