If the super over is also tie, then how does the result of the match come out ??? Know here what Happened next – Messengersports

If the super over is also tie, then how does the result of the match come out ??? Know here what Happened next – Messengersports

Every match in IPL is filled with excitement. There has been a lot of thrill in all the matches played in the 11th season of the IPL. Many such occasions have happened in such a way that when the match seems to be tie. If the match is tie, then people get the excitement of super over. Although this time till now no one has seen the super over, but there has been a lot of super-hit matches in IPL history.

From the discussion of ‘super over’ you must have raised the question that what are the rules of this over and if the match is also tie in ‘super over’ then how the winner’s team decides, let’s know what is super Full game of over

Super over

Super Over What and How Rules:

1. Super over is called ‘One Over Eliminator’ or ‘Eliminitator’.

2. Super overs are used in limited overs cricket when a match is tied.

3. In case of match tie, super over is used to decide the winner.

4. At Super Bowl, each team has 6 balls (one over) and two wickets to play.

5. The matches in super-overs are recorded as ‘tie’ in the official record. Although the super-winning team is considered to be the champion of the winner of any regular match of that tournament.

6. Super-over runs and wickets are not counted in the official record.

7. In the event of a super-over tie, the team, which has more sixes in the main match, is declared the winner. After the match tie between the Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata in the 2014 IPL, the Eliminitator Over was also tied up, after which Rajasthan Royals were declared the winners, who had scored more sixes in the match.

8. In the 20th over of the Twenty20 match, the fielding which was restricted to the field was played with the restrictions as well as the super over.

9. Eliminitator overs will start within 10 minutes of the main match. Both teams will score one over one each.

10. In the main match, the batting team will bat first in the super over.

11. The bowler of the batting team can not both bat and bowling in the same Eliminitator over.

12. Three batsmen will be nominated on behalf of each team, which means that super over will be over when two wickets fall.

What happens after the match tie in Super Over also:

1. If the Duckworth-Lewis rule has been used in the main match then rule 4 is applied immediately.

2. In the main match and Eliminitator over, the team who has scored more boundaries will be the winner.

3. Inclusion of the highest bound boundary in the main match involving the highest bound team will be the winner.

4. The final ball of Super Over starts counting and the team who scored more runs on valid balls would be the winner.

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