Double hundred in T20 by this Indian Batsman – know here – Messengersports

Double hundred in T20 by this Indian Batsman – know here – Messengersports

In T20 matches, can you ever get 300 runs …? Can a batsman make 200 runs in T20 cricket …? These are some of the questions that we call as a cricket fan that yes, it can happen.

Whenever Twenty 20 was played in double century

It was difficult for a batsman to score 200 runs in the first 50-over match in the game of cricket but now people are expecting a batsman to score 200 in T20. Now, if any Indian goes out for the first time, then the matter becomes something very special.

In international ODI cricket, India’s great batsman Sachin Tendulkar made his first double century. Even before this, many records of Tendulkar’s name were written in the book of cricket but he also wanted to achieve this special feat.

Sachin made the first double century

After all, the day came when Sachin scored 200 runs in ODI cricket for the first time. After that, some foreign players, including Virender Sehwag, also made a double century, but Rohit Sharma of India has got a habit of replacing the double century. Rohit Sharma is the only batsman in the world to score a double century in ODIs, not two, but three or three times in ODIs.

Rohit Sharma was expecting double century in T20

2019 world cup

Once when he scored 264 runs alone Since then. People have put their hopes in tri-series in ODI cricket and the double century in T20. Cricket fans are confident that Rohit Sharma will do this one or the other day.

207 runs in 57 balls

let me tell you, Rohit Sharma is not just this time but a second Indian batsman has made a record by having double hundred in T20. This batsman made 100 balls, not 100-200 but scored 207 runs in 57 balls. This batsman is named as Subodh Bharti. Subodh Bharti put 21 sixes and 13 fours in his very big innings.

Runs made in a tournament in Goa

207 runs in 57 balls

In fact, there is a T20 Cricket Tournament named by Sangumi Cricketers in Goa. The tournament, which runs from March 31 to March 24, has two groups, and both of them have 8-8 teams. One team from these teams is Subodh Bharti, a Team Dempo Junior team player. The match for Dempo Juniors was being done by Mathura Firms.

During this match, Subodh made a record by putting a double century in T20. Seeing his innings Cricket fans were convinced that anything is possible in cricket and those who make it possible are also Indian cricketers.

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