10 unknown records and facts associated with the Indian cricket team which you have not heard till today

10 unknown records and facts associated with the Indian cricket team which you have not heard till today

In 1932, the Indian cricket team played their first international match. Since then, the Indian team has been continuously playing cricket. In the last 86 years, the craving of cricket in this country has increased so much. Now that cricket has not been a game here, it has become a religion. And every match of the Indian team is not less than any festival.

Cricket lovers are ready to know all the things related to cricket and fun things at all times. We are once again present with such unheard of interesting facts and records related to cricket. Today we will talk about 10 facts and records of Indian cricket team that you have not heard till today –


10 known fact of Indian Cricket team

1. Do you know cricket has been in India 300 years ago. In fact, the first cricket match in India in 1721 was played between English Sellers and East India Company.

2. Bradman is one of the best batsmen in the world. He was once hit wicket in his career. And the bowler who was out to bowl them was Lala Amarnath of India.

3. Don Bradman just stumps out once. And the stamping wicketkeeper was also Indian. Those who were named PrevirĀ  Sen.

4. In 1978, Bishan Singh Bedi stopped a match, because Pakistan bowlers were throwing Sarfaraz Nawaz bouncer and the umpire was not giving Wide.

5. The Indian team may have tested the test even though in 1932. But Ranjit Singh of India did the same in 1896. He played cricket for England from 1896 to 1902.

6. Former Indian captain Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi’s father Iftekhar Pataudi was the only Indian cricketer. Which played for both India and England.

7. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s name as a wicket keeper is the largest individual score. He played 183 against Sri Lanka in 2005.

Indian cricket team

8. India and Pakistan were playing in 1984, but the match was canceled as soon as the news of Indira Gandhi’s death came.

9. In the name test of Vinoo Mankad, there is a record of batting from number 1 to 11. Which is similar to the Willowlde Rohds.

10. Hirwani’s name is the record of the highest wicket taker in the debut test. He took 16 wickets in his first Test with 136 runs.

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