Kevin Pietersen’s 5 historic innings, which will be difficult to forget – Messengersports

Kevin Pietersen’s 5 historic innings, which will be difficult to forget – Messengersports

England’s Kevin Pietersen, one of the world’s greatest batsmen, has announced his retirement from cricket. He gave this information through his Twitter account. The England Cricket Board has also thanked Pietersen for his contribution to the team. 37-year-old Pietersen made his first international debut in international cricket on 21 July 2005 during a Test match against Australia, and the last match was played against this team on 3 January 2014. He has played many historic innings in this nine year career, which will not be easy to forget. Let’s know about those 5 great historians of Pietersen-

1.158 vs Australia


In the 2005 Ashes series against Australia, Pietersen’s innings of 158 runs was crucial for England. Pietersen played this innings at the time when England needed it. The last match of the five-match series, England’s first innings collapsed on 373 runs. In reply, Australia scored 367 runs. In the second innings, the England team lost 3 wickets at 67. It seemed that Australia would return, but kevin, who came in to bat at number five, started playing with interest and played 158 runs with the help of 15 chains and 7 sixes and reached the final day. His innings ended on a match draw, and England took the Ashes series 2-1. He was also awarded the man of the match award by his performance.

2. 149 vs South Africa

Pietersen played a magnificent innings of 149 runs in 214 balls at the Headingley Stadium against South Africa on August 2, 2012. It contained 22 bikes and 1 six. South Africa scored 419 runs in the first innings. In reply, England scored 425 runs taking 6 runs. The Afro-African team, playing the second innings, set a target of 253 against England, but England could finish 130 for 4 wickets on the fifth day of the game and ended on the match draw. Pietersen was awarded the Man of the Match for his century in the form of his century.

3. 110 vs New Zealand

The first match of the series was played between England and New Zealand on 15 June 2008 in the 5 ODIs. In this match, Pietersen had cleaned Kiwi bowlers and scored 110 runs in 110 balls in 112 balls. His innings included 8 chase and 3 sixes. In this innings of Pietersen’s innings, England scored a huge score of 308 against New Zealand. In reply, the entire New Zealand team were bowled out for 193 in 42.5 overs and England won the match by 114 runs. ‘Man of the Match’ was awarded to Pietersen.

4. 202 vs India


Kevin ensured England’s victory on 21 July 2011 with an unbeaten innings of 202 in the first innings against the Indian cricket team. England’s first innings of 474 runs at 8 wickets declared their innings. In reply, India’s first innings were allocated to 286. England scored 269 runs in the second innings to set India a target of 458, but in the captaincy of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the Indian team was all set for 261 and England won the match by 196 runs. Pietersen was awarded the Man of the Match award.

5. 130 vs Pakistan


Pietersen had scored 130 runs in 153 balls with the help of 12 fours and two sixes in a one-off match against Pakistan at the Dubai Stadium on February 21, 2012. It was also the biggest innings of his ODI career. Pakistan, batting first before winning the toss, set a target of 238 against England, but the brilliant innings of Pietersen’s century came to an end when England won the match with the remaining 4 balls.



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