7 most lazy players in world cricket, in which two are Indian players

7 most lazy players in world cricket, in which two are Indian players

Health is important in any form of sports. Whether a player plays any game, he needs to be more fit than the normal person. In the earlier period, fitness was not given so much in the game. But today’s time has changed and the players give full attention to their health and take good and nutritious food. However some players have their own criteria. In health health, poor eating habits, improper training and laziness are hindered. We are here showing list of lazy players –

The list of the top 7 lazy players of all time:

Inzamam ul Haq –

Lazi players
(Zee News)
In one-day internationals, Pakistan’s leading run-getters for Pakistan and former Pakistan captain Inzamam were also popular due to their talents besides their talents. One of those reasons was to be overweight and lazy players. They were not a better fielder. They were unable to run in the middle of the wicket and were soon dismissed mostly for this reason. Inzamam was run out 40 times, which is the second record in the history of cricket.

Chris Gayle –

(The Telegraph)
This West Indian player is a great batsman, but because of his coolness, he comes in to pick one or two runs. Chris believes that running between wickets is a waste of energy. He played half of his career without being completely fit and fit.

Munaf Patel –

This Indian fast bowler, born of Baroda, is in news due to his lazy and passive fielding. After severe injuries, Munaf’s fielding started to obstruct and his speed started slowing down. Munaf’s cricket career slowed down due to the lack of simple fielding and effort.

Mohammad Irfan –


(Cricket Australia)
The lean pacer of Pakistan has been the favorite of the people in fielding. Irrfan, forget about bending or jumping to lift the ball. The long legs of Irfan did not even make this work easy. In the cricket world, ridicule was also caused due to the laziness and dull fielding of this player.

Nasser Jamshed –


Comparing the statistics, struggling to find another player who is more likely to leave the cat than Nasir. Not only fielding of the player, there is a lack of runs between the wickets and not the runs. For the worst fielding in Pakistan cricket, without any doubt, Nasir gives a chance to Irfan. So this is also a one of the lazy players of the game.

Dwayne Leverkock –


(Getty Images)
Dwen’s nickname is Sligo. This player is the biggest player to step on cricket pitches. Bermuda’s light has been the All-Rounder of its national team. When the ICC World Cup in 2007, Dwayne weighed about 280 pounds. This player has never paid attention to his health.

Yusuf Pathan –

This Indian all-rounder is not the biggest motivational force on the cricket field. Instead of taking one run, he used to believe in making runs by hitting the ball outside the ground. Yusuf is not out of the team due to his sluggish fielding and not running a consistent run.

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