wriddhiman saha hits 6 sixes in one over and equal the Yuvraj Singh record, Stormy innings of Saha of 102 runs in 20 balls – Messengersports

wriddhiman saha hits 6 sixes in one over and equal the Yuvraj Singh record, Stormy innings of Saha of 102 runs in 20 balls – Messengersports


Just before the IPL 2018, the batsmen are feeling the strength of their talent. Young talented Indian wicket-keeper Riddhiman Saha has announced his intentions by playing a stormy innings 14 days before IPL. At the same time, this style of Saha must have caused a stir in the opposition camp. Saha, performing well during the Mukherjee Trophy, put a hundred on just 20 balls and surprised everyone.

Stormy innings of Saha

Wicketkeeper Wriddhiman Saha batted in a stormy form against the club of the BNR Recreation Club in the T-20 match played at the Mukherjee Trophy. Seeing the rowdy form of Riddhiman, everyone was shocked. Saha then made a stormy start to turn the target of 154-1 from the Recreation Club to victory in just seven overs.

Stromy innings of Saha

The target was 154 runs

The Recreation Club scored 151 runs at the loss of seven wickets in the 20th over. In response, Saha’s team, Mohan Bagan, played the playback singer. Earlier, Riddhiman Saha and captain Shuhamhya got off to a good start. Both chased the target and scored 154 runs in seven overs.

During this, Shubhma scored 43 runs in 22 balls. At the same time, Riddhiman Saha played a whopping 102 runs in 20 balls. It was the fastest century in the lowest balls in official matches.

Came off in the seventh over

Stromy innings of Saha

Riddhiman Saha brought in the most earthquake in the seventh over. In this over, Saha showed what he did before Yuvraj Singh made his T-20 International cricket debut. Saha made history by putting six sixes in the seventh over. In this over, due to being a ball wide, a total of 37 runs will be scored.

Runs scored from strike rate of 510

Saha scored 102 runs in 20 balls in his innings. During this, he also made 4 fours and 14 sixes. During this period Saha’s strike rate is 510. In the T-20 format, there is a record of having scored 17 balls. But Saha has become the first Indian batsman to score a century on the lowest balls. Earlier, Saha has played 115 innings of 55 balls in IPL 2014. This Stormy innings of Saha are more valuable over his other Innings.

Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes in T20

Yuvraj Singh made a record of six sixes in an over in the T20 World Cup 2007. In the match against England, Yuvraj Singh made six consecutive sixes in Stuart Broad’s ball. Yuvraj Singh scored 56 runs in 15 balls.

Hyderabad to play Saha

Stormy innings of Saha

Wicket keeper Riddhiman Saha has so far played IPL matches with Kolkata Knight Riders and Kings XI Punjab team. However, this time Sunrise Hyderabad has included him in his team with a huge amount of five crore. By this Stormy innings of Saha franchise has lot of confidence on him.

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