New changes in T20 rules, now this rule will end in less than 4 hours.

New changes in T20 rules, now this rule will end in less than 4 hours.

Cricket biggies believe that cricket is considered to be the real game of cricket only in test cricket. T20 cricket has become the most popular sport in today’s fast paced life. Due to the small format, the viewers get to see many big sixes and fours in a short time.

Rules for New Twenty20 in England

T20 rules

T20 cricket leagues are being played around the world. If IPL is the most popular in India, Big Bash is considered to be quite popular in Australia. India’s neighbor, Pakistan, has now started playing the Pakistan Super League. Now a new T20 competition in England is going to be held in 2020. Although a cricket league is played in England already.

Suggestions to end the match quickly

Suggestions for the new T-20 cricket league are coming in the odd-o-poor type. According to some sources of the English Cricket Board, they are getting some suggestions to end the T20 match quickly. Actually, the English Cricket Board is under pressure to end the match soon.

Let us know that at the present time, a T-20 match takes about 4 hours to finish. The BBC is also under pressure from the BBC Board on the English Cricket Board because the BBC has to give time to its programs too.

Suggestions for new T20 rules

T20 rules

You will be very surprised to hear the suggestions that have come to an end soon. ECB has received suggestions that over 5 balls should be replaced instead of 6 balls to eliminate the new T20 cricket league.

On the other hand, the second suggestion is that, instead of changing the ball in every over, the end should be changed only once in the whole match. That is to say that once in the 20-over match the edge is changed once after 10 overs. This can save time and this is some changes in T20 rules.

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