IPL 11: Today’s playing 11 of CSK, Two changes

IPL 11: Today’s playing 11 of CSK, Two changes

Today, there is a second match between Chennai and Kolkata at the Chidambaram Stadium, in which two players can make changes. Explain that Chennai Super Kings played with Mumbai in the first match, which was the first match of IPL and in this match, Chennai had won a great win. So now Chennai’s second match is to be held at the Chidambaram stadium at 8 pm with Kolkata Knight Riders, which will be interesting to see which team now wins. Let us tell you which player will join the team today and who will be rested.

Between Chennai and Kolkata

Today, once again Visheel Padu, Chennai Super Kings will lead the team in Dhoni’s stadium to make a comeback. After defeating Mumbai in the first match, Chennai made their debut two years later and now the second is going to be a fight. There can be some changes in the team today in this episode.

Two of these players can join the team in Chennai, where Lungi Eggri and other Woods of Africa first. So let’s look at those 11 players who will be seen screaming in today’s match.

Dwayne Bravo

Chennai and Kolkata

Bravo was one such player who played a certain role in the first match of Chennai Super Kings. It is noteworthy that due to the stormy turn of Bravo, the team got a great start and Chennai made a pretty comeback after two years.

Ravindra Jadeja

One of Chennai’s legendary players, Jadeja is a special bowler of the team, whose bats are dashed with spin bowling. At the same time, they show quite amazing in the field even with their bat.

MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni captain of the team, who, after many years, is captaining as captain in the field. In the lead under Dhoni, the team won their first match in a spectacular manner and beat Mumbai by the margin. So once again this evening, teammate looks ready to be fully prepared.

Suresh Raina

The key role of the Chennai team’s batting star Suresh Raina is to succeed the team. Although he was not able to do anything special in the first match, and the pavilion just returned after scoring 4 runs.

Murali Vijay

In the second match of the Chennai Super Kings, a new player can return to the team today and that is Murali Vijay, who will join the team instead of Murali Kedar Jadhav. Let us know that in the first match, Kedar Jadhav gave a fantastic victory to the team while playing his stormy shot. But later he got injured and due to this he will not be able to play another match anymore.

In such a situation, Dhoni can add him to the team as an alternative to Jadhav.

Lungi Eggri

This time Mark Woo’s will join the team, Lugei Eggri, who is the best bowler in Africa. The batsman goes a little bit longer when he comes into the lounge ground, because his bowling is a tremendous edge so that he does not take much time to hunt the batsman.

In the first match of the IPL, bowling from the side of Chennai, Mark Wood bowled very disappointing. Mark was given 49 runs in 4 overs, which is why this time, Lungi can be made a part of Playing 11 in his place.

Shane Watson

Shane Watson is one of Chennai’s most spectacular batsmen who make a lot of difference in the field. So he is hoping to see a much better performance in the other match.

Ambati Rayadu

Another veteran player of CSK, Rayudu, was unable to do anything special in the last match. But he will remain in the playing eleven in Chennai’s second match.

Imran Tahir

Chennai’s bowling strength and fast bowler Imran Tahir did well in the first match and due to their bowling, Chennai got many time.

Deepak Chahar

Deepak Chahar is a good player of Chennai, who will remain in the team’s 11 players after the first match. However, it will be interesting to see in other matches what they do specially.

Harbhajan Singh

Harbhajan Singh, who had joined Chennai from Mumbai, could not even make it to the last match. But in the second match with Kolkata, he will be among the 11 players in the team.

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