Suresh Raina is the only player who made this record in every IPL, No other player was able to compete – Messengersports

Suresh Raina is the only player who made this record in every IPL, No other player was able to compete – Messengersports

The Indian Premier League successfully completed its ten years and is now moving forward towards the eleventh season i.e. eleven years. In the few days the IPL is going to be the 11th season. In these ten years, many players have shown tremendous intensity, but let’s talk about the first season, when a batsman spins his special luster for the last season, then Suresh Raina … ..

Suresh Raina’s name is highest run in IPL

Suresh Raina

Raina, the middle-order batsman of the Indian cricket team, is considered as the Specialist of T-20 cricket. Suresh Raina has proved this with his performance. Suresh Raina is the highest run scorer in IPL’s history so far.

Raina’s record in IPL at a glance

Raina is the most successful batsman of IPL. Suresh Raina has played 161 matches in IPL history so far. Raina has scored 4540 runs at an average of 34.13 and a strike rate of 139. Suresh Raina, during this matches, was able to score 24 times not out, and also hit  31 fifties.

Suresh Raina

Raina has recorded a record with the highest number of batsmen in the team. Raina is the IPL’s batsman who has scored more than 350 runs in the tenth season and every season with the first season. Suresh Raina is the only batsman in IPL history to do this.

So you show now Season wise … how Suresh Raina performed in all seasons

First Season (2008) – This season Suresh Raina played 16 matches and was successful in making 421 runs during this season.

Second Season (2009) – During the second season in South Africa, Raina scored 434 runs in 14 matches.

Third Season (2010) – IPL returns once again. This season, Raina scored 520 runs in 16 matches. His team also made Chennai Super Kings champions this season.

Fourth Season (2011) – Even during this IPL season, Raina’s bat fiercely spoke and Suresh Raina played a great performance, scoring 438 runs in 16 matches and getting CSK for a second consecutive title.

Fifth Season (2012) – In this IPL season, Suresh Raina played 19 matches in which he managed to score 441 runs.

Sixth Season (2013) – Suresh Raina’s bat showed the highest in this IPL season too. Raina played 548 runs in 18 matches this season.

Seventh Season (2014) – Raina’s excellent form of IPL continues in this season as well. Raina scored 523 runs this season with 16 matches.

Eighth Season (2015) – The bat of Raina, who has been battling every year with his batting in IPL, did not stop this season. In this season, Raina scored 374 runs in 17 matches.

Ninth Season (2016) – This season of IPL for the first time Raina played for Chennai Super Kings from Gujarat Lions. In this season Raina played 399 runs in 15 matches playing as captain.

Tenth Season (2017) – In the last IPL season of IPL, Raina has done tremendous batting. Raina scored 442 runs in 14 matches with a spectacular average.

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