Virender Sehwag complaints about pretty zinta to the co-owners of Kings XI Punjab – Messengersports

Virender Sehwag complaints about pretty zinta to the co-owners of Kings XI Punjab – Messengersports

There is a friction between the legendary Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag and Preity Zinta. Sehwag is quite hurt by the behavior of Preity. He also complained to the team co-owner.

Let’s say that after losing to Rajasthan, Preity Zinta talked to the mentor Virender Sehwag in a very rigid manner. This prediction of love does not favor Sehwag. This is revealed by the news of Mirror’s newspaper.

Preity Zinta was flutter after defeat

After the defeat of the team owner, Preity Zinta, Rajasthan got out on Sehwag. He justified Sehwag responsible for the team’s defeat. At the same time, he also gave sharp questions to Sehwag about the defeat in the dressing room.

However, in response, Sehwag spoke in a very simple way. Preeti was angry with Jinta R Ashwin batting at number three. While teammate Karun Nair and Manoj Tiwary were sent later.

Virender Sehwag joins team for five years

Team India’s legendary batsman Virender Sehwag has been associated with the past five years. This time the team is performing very well under their guidance. But after losing a team, the attitude of the ownership of the team has broken Sehwag a lot inwardly. If sources are to be believed then Sehwag can break his five-year-old contract with the Sehwag team in IPL.

No trobles taking from actress

Former opening Indian batsman Virender Sehwag has complained of Preity Zinta to Team Co-Owner. Let us know that Kings XI Punjab has three owners of the franchise. Preity Zinta, Ness Wadia and Rohit Burman share the team ownership. Very hurt by the behavior of Preity, Sehwag also reversed.

A close source from Punjab franchise said that,

Virender Sehwag has told two other team owners in two ways that he will not tolerate the tactics of Preity Zinta’s acting. He is uncomfortable with the question-answer of co-owner love and methods of continuous objection to his decisions. ”

Have already done the talking

Virender Sehwag

Preity Zinta’s bad habit is not new. Even before that, he has repeatedly expressed his anger. In 2016, Kings XI Punjab’s Chief Coach was Sanjay Bangar. At that time, Preity Zinta talked with Bagar in a rashly manner. After which the case caught a lot of grip on the media. But the whole thing was described by Preity as a liar.

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