Will Captain Smith and Warner be part of Australia team in 2019 World Cup? – Messengersports

Will Captain Smith and Warner be part of Australia team in 2019 World Cup? – Messengersports

After trapping in the Ball Tapering controversy, one-year ban was lifted on the Kangaroo player Steven Smith and David Warner. In such a situation, the Australian team seems to be having a big setback in its World Cup mission. This is due to Steven Smith and David Warner as the most important player in the Australia cricket team. Apart from this, Smith has also been known as the best cricket captain of the world. In this case, his ban is a big blow to the Australia team.

Year 2019 World Cup will be the biggest challenge!

Taking the matter seriously, the Australian Cricket Board gave Captain Smith and Vice Captain Warner the post of their captain, and on Wednesday, the two players were sentenced to one-year bans on Wednesday. However, the ban placed on both of these will end before the World Cup which is to be played in 2019. But it is up to the question that these two players will be able to get the form for this big tournament before the World Cup.

Smith-Warner’s Greatest Performance

Captain Smith

If looking at Smith and Warner’s performance at the present time, these two players have made a big contribution in winning the team by giving a huge performance to their team. Apart from this, the batsmen who have scored the most runs for their team in the last 2 to 3 years have also become.

Smith is currently the # 1 batsman in Test cricket. When Smith was given the captaincy of Australia cricket, at that time his age was only 24 years.

Captain Smith as a game shown by

Captain Smith

Smith played a total of 10 Tests in his captaincy, in which the Australia team won in 6 series. Apart from this, Smith scored a total of 3659 runs at an average of 70.36, including 15 centuries.

On the other hand, Warner’s performance was strong. In such a way, one year before the World Cup mission. Both of these players will be out of their team with a big loss to both the players.

It will be interesting to see now whether after the 1 year banner. Both of them will be able to return to their team for the next World Cup. Well, it will tell tomorrow.

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