Yuvraj Singh told his retirement plan, “Which IPL will be his last IPL?” Know more

Yuvraj Singh told his retirement plan, “Which IPL will be his last IPL?” Know more

Indian star all-rounder Singh has to struggle hard to play for India. He has been seen struggling with bat in new opportunities. After passing the yo-yo test, Yuvraj’s aim is to return to the Indian team. However, Yuvraj has said that I do not have to leave this game due to any remorse, “I have to play cricket for some extra years.

Apart from this, he said that he could have made a successful Test career and could have played around 80. But all of this could not be done because one year had to stay away from cricket due to tumor, it got me a year old. In January last year Yuvraj returned to the Indian team and played 11 matches. In addition, they represented India in the Champions Trophy last year. And they were left out after the ODI series in the West Indies.

Yuvraj told the Sportstar about IPL

When I feel I feel that I am doing my best and I can not do anything more than that. I am still playing because I want to enjoy playing cricket and I like it, not just because I have to play for India or I have to play IPL. Although my motivation is definitely to play for India. I think there are still two or three IPLs in me.

Yuvraj further said that he is a fighter and he likes to deal with difficult situations. I am a fighter, I work hard in difficult situations. I like to be a pillar of strength for people suffering from cancer, and I like to help these people. Whether I am playing for India or not, I will give my 100 percent on the field.

36-year-old I also shared his future plans. He said, “I like to support young children, I like to talk with younger generation. Coaching is in my mind, I recognize the deprived children and focus on their sports and education.”

UV compared Virat Kohli with former captain MS Dhoni. “Obviously, he is very different from Dhoni, who is calm. Virat is a bit aggressive and the results show that he is doing very well in the form of a captain. Dhoni is a very experienced player who has also won several major tournaments. Virat gives a lot of attention to his fitness.

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