This three records of Yuvraj Singh is very difficult to beat by any player of the world

This three records of Yuvraj Singh is very difficult to beat by any player of the world

Yuvraj Singh is the name of the Indian team’s player who has played for the team India by fighting death. Being ill, Yuvraj Singh played the best in the 2011 World Cup, for which he was also given Player of the Tournament. They are not present due to the absence of good form in the Indian team. Yuvraj is called in the team under the name of “Yuvi”. Yuvraj has made many records, but these three records are very special, let’s know what he is.

Yuvraj Singh

Six sixes in six balls at international level

The World Cup in 2007 rarely forgot, in which he was beaten by the England bowlers. Yuvraj made 6 sixes in six balls in T-20 in this series. It was a matter of fact that Andrew Flintoff’s Yuvraj Singh was debated about anything, after which Yuvraj’s anger broke out and he stuttered 6 sixes in 6 overs in Stuart Broad.

Two ICC tournaments man of the tournament

Indian cricket team

Yuvraj Singh is a batsman who has played more than Dhoni for most of the World Cup though Dhoni and Yuvraj’s age is bean. India won the T20 2007 World Cup and ODI World Cup, in which Yuvraj’s role was the most important. For this, Yuvraj Singh was selected as the Man of the Tournament in both the series.

Yuvraj Singh Fastest fifty (in 12 balls)

He made the fastest half-century in Twenty20 in the match in which Yuvraj Singh made a record of six sixes. That record has not yet broken any other player. Yuvraj scored 50 runs in 12 balls. It may be difficult for the batsmen to break these records. But they say that cricket is a game of uncertainties, so anything can happen.

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